Sgt. Carl Weinke and Pfc. Ernest Marjoram, Signal Corps cameramen, wading through stream while following infantry troops    

in forward area during invasion at a beach in  New Guinea.

-T4c. Ernani D’Emidio, April 22, 1944.

165th SPC(1)

Photographic unit. Chapman, Cyedicks?, Wetzelberger at Hurtgen, Germany February 15th, 1945.

(Cpl. Thierman 165th Signal Photo Company US Army)

Cameraman Official Patch

ETO-HQ-43-7472- NEUMAN 14 OCT 43

A new arm patch, issued recently, will be displayed by ETO Signal Corps photographers. S/Sgt Burton D. Hartman, a signal Corps movie cameraman, is displaying the new arm patch while operating his Eyemo camera.

[   ]A[  ] 887 U.S. Army

[censored] London, England

This photo has several stamps on the back saying: CONFIDENTIAL until re-classified by censor.

Reviewed [        ] as censored, United States Army, 21 Oct 1943, Press Censor, E.T.O. U.S.

Passed for publication 65, Date 26MAY1945, Name..... No......, A.E.F., Field