• Restoration Frame + Body

After completely dismantling the jeep, the restoration could begin in earnest. We started with the frame by replacing the rear bar, replacing parts of the frame that were too rusted through to preserve, aligning the frame, sandblasting it, and finally give it a coat of red-oxide primer.  

Photo 33 - replacing rear bar

Photo 34 - welding on the frame

Photo 35 - aligning the frame

photo 36

Photo 36 - a coat of red oxide primer

The second step of the restoration was doing the sheet metal work on the body. Because of its condition, the complete floor had to be replaced, including a new gas tank tub. After that several notorious weak spots on the side of the body, e.g. the spots where the shovel and ax are mounted, were replaced as well.

Photo 37 - condition body before restoration

Photo 38 + 39 - new floor

Photo 40 - gas tank tub

Photo 41 - replacing side parts

Now the body is back in shape, the storage box which goes on the passenger side is reconstructed and put on its place. A long hinge is added and the cover of the box is placed back. (Photo's below 42, 43, 44, 45 - construction of the storage box)

photo 42 photo 43 photo 45

photo 44

Photo 44 - storage box door