• Forest Green

The last step in the restoration of frame, body and superstructure was to give it the right color. First the body, frame and superstructure were spray painted in red oxide primer, then the original jeep parts were spray painted army-olive drab (OD). The second type amb jeeps were no longer navy contracted Willys (MB) jeeps but a mixture of Ford (GPW) and Willys (MB) jeeps purchased from the U.S. Army. These jeeps were first modified to amb jeeps and only painted forest green when completely assembled. Parts of the jeep who were out of the way were sometimes missed in the process of repainting and stayed army OD. In our case we chose to leave the firewall, the bottom of the body, and the interiors of glove and toolboxes army OD, while the rest was painted forest green. During the campaign in Okinawa a lot of amb jeeps were camouflaged, but for the moment we stick to the lusterless forest green.

Photo 65 - body in red oxide primer

Photo's below 66, 67, 68 - army OD

photo 66 firewall OD photo 67 glove box lid open OD photo 68 tool box lid open

The photo’s show the assembled body with grab handles, brackets for the superstructure, hold down hooks, and the new position of the windshield in the for the amb jeep typical straight angle.

Photo's below 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74 - assembled body

photo 69 left side body detail photo 70 left side body detail rear corner photo 71 left side body detail photo 72 rear end body corner photo 73 right side body detail photo 74 right side body detail

On the rear side an extra hook and ring to mount a safety strap has been added. (Photo 75, 76) Because there is no longer any space under the rear seat, the tire pump is secured to the middle of the floor. (photo 77)

This is where our restoration is to date. We will keep you posted and add more information on the build-up phase of the frame, as the restoration moves forward.

Photo's below 78, 79, 80 - storage box painted

photo 78 storage box closed photo 79 storage box inside photo 80 storage box open

Photo's below 81, 82, 83 - body and superstructure overview

photo 81 body + superstructure photo 82 body + superstructure photo 83 body + superstructure