This article appeared in an American military vehicle magazine, the Pintlehook. A newsletter of the MVPA.

A Note From The Netherlands

It’s been a little quiet around our little “Band of Brothers”, but last weekend we toured Landing Zone W, just over Eindhoven in the province of Brabant, where the boys and men of the 101st Airborne Division jumped 61 years ago, as part of the Market Garden Operation. A little ‘Army Camp’ was erected by fellow re-enactors around Eerde, where we ran into four paratrooper vets and friends we made last year in Groesbeek. Lucky and Beatrice had a baby girl in May and some friends from the States brought a gift for the little Sibil, thinking Holland is so small, they would run into Lucky sooner or later. And lo presto, this is exactly what happened, incredible!


We also were invited over coffee by a young couple that lived in an old farmhouse dating back to the 16th century. The owners had restored it themselves and had a can full of bullets taken out of the walls. They told us during the war, the Germans were in their farm and the Americans in the adjacent one, and the fired on each other for weeks. Today, it was a kids paradise with a wonderful garden, a haven of peace and quiet. Derk and Jennico were immediatly in love with the place, but sadly for them, so were the owners, still after seven years.


Holland has changed a lot over the past sixty years, but we still found a few nice spots to do some pictures, a first preview is attached. When I get more, I will mail them to you as perhaps you can use them for the Pintlehook, which I still very much enjoy. Meanwhile let me say that the people of Brabant still remember their American (and British) liberators and were happy to see four of them in a jeep (marked 101 AB-327-I  *  SV8) even if they were only re-enactors.


Frank de Koning