Extra men and materiel was brought by glider. These Waco CG4A gliders could bring in a jeep or a 1/4 ton trailer, small artillery pieces or a 57mm anti-tank gun, and ammunition plus other supplies. Along with the supplies came the glider men of the 327th GIR, who were finally recognized for being just as aggressive as the parachute troopers.

Proving their mettle in Normandy, the boys were given the highly prized jump boots and a special glider badge for recognition, along with extra hazard pay. The first picture will prove that that hazard pay was rightfully earned!

The men flying these flimsy aircraft were 2nd lieutenants from the USAAF. Without special infantry training (unlike their British counterparts), these boys were left to themselves after hitting down. Clad in the M43 uniform (the trousers without the thigh pockets), they, too, were armed to the teeth.